Our Mission

OUTLINQ started with a single question: Do you know a reputable gay doctor in the area? That single question planted a seed which grew into our larger vision to create a national resource for LGBT community members to connect, support, and share with one another. 

At its core OUTLINQ is a directory service. We seek to connect you with the businesses you need—be it doctors, carpenters, designers, or insurance agents. That said, our vision is to create a movement whereby each choice as a consumer is meant to benefit the community at large.

Each year the LGBT community spends over 800 billion dollars globally. Our hope is to harness that spending power and funnel more of your hard earned dollars toward supportive businesses, with the hopes that money can effect social change. 

We are all trying to find ways to support our community and we believe supportive spending is the easiest and most powerful way to contribute to our community. OUTLINQ’s goal is to provide a resource for individuals to take political and social action with your day-to-day spending.  



OUTLINQ is a free resource for users to find LGBT owned and/or supportive businesses. Our objective is to provide a network for users to choose business that support our community—and our common goal of complete equal rights. Informed spending is something we, as a community, can control. And, at OUTLINQ we believe that informed spending is supportive spending. 

By using OUTLINQ you are contributing more money into the LGBT community pipeline. This means more money for charities, health services, non-profits that fight for our rights, organizations that take legal action against unconstitutional legislation, and greater contributions for elected representatives that are committed to our community and our rights. This is an opportunity to show how powerful our community can be and when our voice and our spending is united, we can build one another up and make global change.

The trailblazers that began the gay rights and queer movement were extraordinary. We owe it to them to continue the work they began, to encourage one another, and to protect the lives and liberty of future sexual minorities. Join OUTLINQ on this journey and help us to promote supportive spending within our community. 


Why Sponsor or Advertise your Business on OUTLINQ?

We don’t discriminate on the type of business that participates with OUTLINQ. We have one criteria, that businesses who list with us are supportive of sexual minorities and our goals of complete equal rights—both nationally and globally. This is a website for the LGBT community to find businesses and give our money to companies that align with our principles. OUTLINQ is a place for our users to spend or shop with supportive businesses as an investment in our community.

With annual spending of over $800 billion (that’s right, billion) the LGBT community is a powerful financial force. By tapping into this highly lucrative market, you not only can grow your business exponentially, but you can demonstrate your support for our goal of global equal rights. Listing your business or advertising on OUTLINQ helps to move our community toward that goal. 

You can begin by simply choosing a free listing for your business on OUTLINQ, or select from one of our enhanced and affordable listing options that maximize your business brand and visibility across the site, attracting members of the LGBT community to select, support and share their positive experiences with your business.  For maximum exposure, you can also choose one of our economical banner ads or event promotion options.


Let's Continue Moving Our Community Forward...Together

Our community has made incredible strides in what can be considered the most successful civil rights campaign of the last thirty years. But, there is still more work to be done. As we move our community forward, various legislation (some alleging to protecting religious liberties) threaten to place our lives, employment, housing, and families in jeopardy. In addition, nearly 80 countries around the world still criminalize and punish sexual minorities.

To combat such laws and institutional homophobia, we have one another. Using OUTLINQ and hiring supportive businesses makes the statement that we are united and informed, and will only give our money toward companies and those that support our right to love, happiness and equality. Use OUTLINQ to show your support, take a stand against inequality, and help support your favorite businesses and our community. 

It is our responsibility and our opportunity as a community to continue what the brave pioneers before us began. To support LGBT businesses is to take pride in our community. It shows the rest of the nation—and the world—that we are a formidable community that will fiercely protect the rights we’ve won and move forward toward securing those rights for future generations of LGBT members.

Thank you,